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Crowns and Bridges




When a tooth has fractured or has a very large filling and is at risk of fracturing, oftentimes a crown will be recommended.  A crown (commonly known as a cap) can be made of many different materials, including all-porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, or gold.  Each situation will dictate which material is best to use but in most instances, natural-looking porcelain is a great option.  This procedure involves two steps: one where we prepare the tooth for the crown and take an impression of your mouth and one where we try in the crown and cement it in place.  We work with local laboratories to fabricate our custom crowns, using only the highest-quality materials.




If single or multiple teeth are missing in your mouth, a great option is often a bridge.  This is similar to a crown in procedure, but a bridge is several crowns connected together that allows us to replace missing teeth.  

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